I did this drawing in July of 2014

It’ll always be one of my favourites I’ve ever done. There’s just something about her. 

I normally don’t like what I make, I simply make it because I NEED to, or for other peoples viewing pleasure. So saying I like a piece I made says a lot. 

It’s the lines. How they’re so crisp, but so wobbly. It’s the fact that my marker was running out of ink, but it gives her blazer some texture. And her expression, so bland, but like she knows something you don’t. Is that a smirk? I can’t tell.

Sometimes artists make things to be intentional. In most cases though, art comes out completely different to what you envisioned it to be. Personally, I’m not about replicating from something else. I draw inspiration from feelings I get, and that’s why my girls come out with particular expressions.

It’s late, goodnight! Xoxo

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