*Nods yes* – 11/11/2017

When he actually asked. All I did was nod and cry
And of course it’s mandatory to glomp your hubby-to-be
Here’s one of my best Kim K crying faces, in all its glory
When our sweet friends jumped out of the bushes to celebrate!
Lol my friends wanted to get a shot of me, not crying… heh
The sweetest and quaintest set up ever!!!
Talking about eye boogers ❤
The rock!
That’s all folks!!! (that wasn’t all, we went and ate till we couldn’t no more)

I wanted to record this special day for my own future reference. And maybe for anyone who wonders what went on that day (I mean, there might be a handful of people that care about my feelings and perspective, right?)

Well it all started with Tylar’s basic human need to exercise. “BABE, we’re going hiking every weekend. Let’s make it a goal?” And me being the hesitant and lazy girl that I am, well I said yes with a side of saltiness. Because who jumps at the chance to wake up at 6am to hike terrain in the cold? Me apparently.

So I woke up that Saturday morning, super early, boogers in my eyes, wrapped in warm clothes mentally preparing myself for the hike ahead. Being honest here, I was more so thinking about going home after the fact and taking a long nap. We didn’t have breakfast because Tylar wanted to have brunch with our friend Vanessa at this beautiful café called Elevations with the most amazing view, you know, after our hike, with Vanessa. Cause you know, Vanessa had planned the week before with us that WE WOULD HIKE TOGETHER. And so it’s like 7am, and we’re texting her, and calling her, and no response.

Tylar thought it would be a good idea to get coffee while we waited for her to wake up. So we went to get coffee, Tylar got his chai latte he’d be craving, and I asked for an iced caramel latte. What I got was the saltiest caramel latte that was ever made. It truly tasted like someone dropped a salt shaker in the cup. At this point I was tired, I was cold, our friend flaked on us, I got a latte as salty as me, and we were about to start an hour drive on super windy roads (if you know me, you know my car sickness will make anyone never want to see me again).

And we were off. Tylar telling me “we’re leaving without Vanessa, you know it’s the biggest pet peeve of mine when people are late.” Oh well, sorry Ness, so I texted her to let her know we were leaving without her. We were driving, talking all sorts of nonsense, Tylar in charge of music as always. The playlist Tylar compiled was playing, we’d been listening to since he came to New Zealand in September.

I was trying to be a good sport and focus on other things and not the nausea that was creeping up on me. I’d say I lasted about a good 40 minutes. He was bugging me with the charismatic mood he was in. He was so excited for this hike. Smiling. Holding my hand. Just being cheery overall while I was sitting in the passenger seat like a child you won’t give a phone to. Pissed, annoyed, not having it. Being my pouty self. We finally hit the windy roads I knew were inevitable. I tried looking straight ahead. Didn’t work. Closing my eyes. Definitely didn’t work. Tried putting my head between my knees. Nope. So I look at Tylar’s phone to see how long was left. 5 minutes. Just 5 more minutes Martina. The lonest 5 minutes ever. What made them even longer? Tylar driving SO SLOW.

“TY WHY ARE YOU DRIVING SO SLOW. DRIVE FASTER. THAT MEANS I CAN GET OUT OF THE CAR SOONER” *Tylar drives faster* “OMG STOP STOP SLOW DOWN.” Yeah, I don’t know why he wants to marry me either… FINALLY, his phone says we’re at our destination. Karekare falls. But I look around us and we’re going up hill to nothing. “Fuck, I don’t think we’re going the right way, I need to turn around” – at this point I think we’re lost. My frustration levels just rose. Then anxiety hits when Tylar tries to do a U-turn on a thin road going up hill, pretty much resembling a cliff because there was no fencing on the edge. In the midst of this U-turn I get a fright because Tylar honks his horn “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE, REALLY?,” “What???? You act like I did that on purpose. It was an accident.”

We’re finally back to the bottom of the road. And Tylar parked near some trees. I’m really confused because I can’t see the track to the falls. We get out of the car and some birds are singing. Normal, right? Tylar asked me if I knew what kinda bird that was and started imitating it. At this point I’m just glad to be out of the car, moving my legs, and in the crisp fresh air. I find some signs pointing to the different tracks but Tylar is adamant he knows where he’s going. I found that weird for an American who had never been there before. I followed him. He tried to hug me and give me a kiss on the cheek, but I was grumpy. Definitely in a ‘leave me alone’ mood.

He found the trail right away. And I followed him. We walked through beautiful greenery. We walked past rivers and streams.  We walked over a bridge. And we found a bus stop in the middle of the bush. I was feeling better already. Then we walked through an isle of trees and I saw Karekare falls.

Tylar walked ahead of me, almost bouncing in front of me. I just thought, ‘wow he’s really excited for this hike.’ Watching my step on the rocky ground, I noticed ahead of me writing on the ground in this white chalky consistency. My initial thought was something like, ‘people must of been here the night before writing in chalk.’ I thought that was cute and I looked at Tylar because I wanted to say “we should write out initials in the ground.” I looked at his coy expression. Then I looked at the writing on the ground again. I noticed they were our initials. M and T. I noticed rose petals. Then I noticed a lump in my throat.

I slowly walked over to him while my eyes started to well up. I remember wondering how he got there before me to set it all up. Then he led me to a little flat island surrounded by water, rocks and rose petals. I look down and see “MARRY ME?.” When he knelt on one knee I just heard people yelling, and I looked to my right and saw our friends jump out of the bushes holding cameras and smiling big. Well, Vanessa was crying, but still. So at this point I realised everyone was in on it, they were all there to set up this amazing gesture that Tylar had been planning. It turns out his accidental horn honk was a signal. It turns out the birds chirping were actually my friends communicating with Tylar. I looked back at him and I don’t even remember saying anything. I just cried and nodded, then I reached out to hug him.

Everyone came over to congratulate us. We spent some time down there taking pictures, then suddenly everyone had to go home. So eventually we all got ready to go back to our cars. We said bye to all our friends. Tylar and I were off too, he was super excited about going to a new favourite restaurant, Elevations. We got there and I should have thought everyone needing to leave suddenly was suspicious. I saw my friends from the windows – “there’s more?” – we entered and there was a table of flowers and a cute frame filled with good wishes from my friends and family. After eating till we couldn’t anymore, it was finally time to go home and relax. On the way home Tylar thought it was a good idea to play sappy wedding and songs, and naturally I cried uncontrollably again.

It was perfect. He knows I don’t like making a big fuss about things, but what better way to celebrate love than in the middle of the ever giving and abundant Mother Nature. I know I’ll remember it forever. Tylar and I have been through our fair share of ups and downs, just like any other couple, and we’ve come out of all our trials and tribulations stronger. I know this day will always be significant. I mean, I cried when he mentioned it was 11/11! He knows numbers mean a lot to me. I’m so thankful I got to meet my mirror mate in this lifetime. I’m thankful for the things we’ve both learnt from each other. I’m thankful for my friends and family for all their support! I am so taken aback from the outpouring love and respect we get.

So, I guess this starts a very big chapter in our series of novels. Sappy romance novels of course ~

I love you Tylar. I’m so excited to spend forever with you

Yours truly, your forever girl ❤

6 thoughts on “*Nods yes* – 11/11/2017”

  1. This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing about this special day for those of us in the US. Sounds like it was pretty amazing!
    I love you, Tylar! I look forward to having you join our family, Martina!
    Aunt Ren

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I might just update this blog more often, especially since it’s easier to share our experiences with family. I’m definitely happy to join the diverse and loving family you all are, thank you! ❤


  2. Martina, I agree with Renmani. Thanks for sharing the day! I love that Ty put so much thought and love into the proposal. How exciting this new adventure is. My love to you both, and would love updates on this journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Someone… c: Ty is all about being sentimental, so I’m glad he didn’t try to put on a show, rather he made it an intimate and cute gesture. Will have updates!!


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