JUST MARRIED – 10 March 2018





Well it happened, ya girl is now married. Tied the knot. A wife.

This is a brand new chapter, no, it’s a brand new novel in my life that I thought was so out of reach. I imagined getting married would be far off in the future for me, especially since Ty and I met online. We were long distance lovers for over two and a half years (maybe I’ll tell y’all the story if you wanna hear it). It was normal for our everyday lives to be filled with longing, agitation, but a lot of fun and comfort too. It was nice knowing you had a friend to confide in where ever you were.

On the 10th of March 2018, around 3:45pm (cause the bride is always late, naturally), we officially joined as one. We became the one entity we always felt we were. Sounds super sappy, I know, but when you find your “person” you’ll feel it too.

The best part of this whole thing was seeing our families interact and know how much of an amazing support system we have. It was so fun and joyous to meet family from opposites sides of the world, and have them eat together (most important thing in Iraqi culture), laugh together, dance and drink together. For too long we were told by numerous people that long distance relationships don’t work, but in our hearts we knew it would. It was simple, well, sometimes it was difficult, but the concept was simple. Two people love each other, right? Well. Be together, just make it happen. And so we did.

I don’t know about Ty, but I felt pretty nervous the day of. So much that I needed to get out of the house and do something rather than wait around at the house until it was time. I went to the mall with my bridesmaids, with my hair done and wearing a robe. Yup. There were times were my stomach dropped and I would feel shaky. I completely forgot about eating anything of course (please don’t do this, you don’t wanna be a grumpy bride).

Our photographer was late because he got lost, so we improvised.

The ride to the church was nerve racking for me, knowing Ty was there waiting for me, I was shaking. When it was time for my dad to give me away and walk me down the isle, I saw Ty at the end of the isle and I couldn’t help but burst out in tears, doing my mortifying Kim Kardashian crying faces. I cried so much that when I got to the alter a big drop of slimy clear snot dropped out of my nose and onto the alter stairs, I really hope the videographer didn’t catch that, but then again here I am outing myself… Anyway, I was well equipped because I knew my crybaby ass couldn’t help herself. I stuffed some tissues in my bouquet (just a tip for my future brides! Also wear waterproof mascara, girl).





It was an emotional time but I remember smiling and laughing during the majority of the ceremony. The priest was cracking a lot of jokes during the ceremony which I found quiet odd. He told my dad he wanted to keep me laughing because he didn’t want me to keep crying, bless him.

The rest of the day consisted of dancing! Iraqi weddings are crazy loud, colourful and all everyone wants to do is dance and drink. And so we danced the night away.

We feel so blessed to have all this support. It’s beautiful to us that our families were joined together. Everyday we sit back and are so thankful for all the things we have gained during this journey together. Everyone says marriage will never be easy, but at least sacrifice is an easy act for the two of us and this is what matters (to us anyway).


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