You said you’d love me 5ever…

Man oh man have I been neglecting this blog! I don’t mean to, in fact I love blogging. I just put way too much pressure on myself to create in order to post.

I want to move away from only posting art and posting other things too.

Anyway, I drew this during work some day last week. It’s not really relevant to me per say, I’m not heart broken or sad or anything. Actually I’m really happy with my life and love lately.

I just LOVE creating sad girls. I can’t stop myself from creating only them. Maybe that means they’re my muse? Although, in the past a lot of what I created was inspired with how I personally felt, I feel like now that it’s not relevant to me anymore, it’s hard for me to create what I suppose is my favourite thing to create…

That shouldn’t stop me though, right? I can still draw inspiration from sadness and heartbreak as motifs in themselves. We hear it in music, we see it in movies, we experience it from people in our lives, it’s all around us. People can still resonate with it.

Telling myself all this makes me feel less pressure about creating from my own experiences. I have a lot I’ve been through and will still go through a lot, but putting that in a picture isn’t so easy to me anymore.

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