Making room for…

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted anything. Truly it’s because I haven’t been “creating art” much, so this will be a personal blog post. I do love blogging, I just feel like I have nothing to talk about. But it doesn’t really matter, this blog isn’t just a place for me to dump my artistic junk. It’s a place for me to record things so I can look back later.

I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful home with more than enough space for just my husband and I. We have 3 bedrooms. One, is our bedroom (duh), one my husband has already used up to be his man cave, and one just for me. To do whatever I want with. So naturally I’m going to make it my little art studio/beauty room/comfy nook/get away room. I’m hoping if I have my own creative space, I might actually increase my productively. Since we’ve moved in we’ve been using this room essentially as a huge junk closet. It was covered in just stuff. You couldn’t see the floor. There were boxes everywhere. So yesterday I cleaned it out, and honestly a lot of it was just straight up junk I wasn’t worried about getting rid of. I want my space to feel open and I want to be surrounded by things I enjoy. I’m not necessarily good at home décor (because I really haven’t tried my hand at it), so this might actually be a challenge for me. I feel lost about where to start and what to do, but I think just getting rid of everything and clearing it out a bit helped a lot.

Oh, I should probably mention that I’m only posting these “before” shots because I feel like it will force me to complete this room décor challenge. I’ve already put it out on the internet and now I have to complete it.

This is me feeling a little victorious after clearing the room. Had to test out the selfie lighting! Duh!


As you can see, it’s not a huge room, but it has a lot of great natural lighting. You couldn’t even see the floor before I started clearing it out (honestly I wish I captured a “before” shot). Right now I only have some furniture. The vintage chair, my husband bought me as a gift. The huge mirror, my cousin gave me, which is propped up on a book shelf I put on its side (until I get an actual table for it). That round table in the corner? COVERED in junk I have yet to put away. I will be upcycling that round table because the vinyl is coming off it, so maybe I can  start there!

I would love to change the curtains out for a softer colour. The little vintage mirrors were also gifts from my husband, which I intend to hang up eventually. I would actually love to have a whole wall with all different types of mirrors. Oh and a rug!!!

So this is just the start. The start of me transforming this empty space into a place I love hanging out in.

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