Hi friends!

I have finally finished my galaxy girl watercolour painting. This took me about 3 days to complete, sitting about an hour at a time. I wanted to take my time with this painting, something I normally don’t do!

Below I’ve included progress shots. This time I decided to plan this painting out before I started. Another thing I never do. It taught me a lot. I’ve been watching videos about how I can really hone in on my artistic abilities. And planning a painting out gave me a sense of direction. Again, not something I normally have a problem with because I usually draw or paint based off how I feel. But reaching in and capturing a feeling isn’t always easy, sometimes they are so deeply hidden.

So for the sake of producing art in hopes of not losing my artistic abilities, I decided to figure out alternative ways to drive my creativity. Although planning isn’t very, artistic, it’s an important building block to creating something. Just like you would do before building a house.

I predominately used watercolours for this painting. However I used white gouache paint for the stars and the moon. And I used a little white gel pen for highlight details for her face.

I hope you enjoy this one, she was really fun to make!



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