Don’t you fall in!

I feel like I start every blog post off by saying “WOW, I HAVEN’T POSTED ANYTHING IN A WHILE.” Well, this is no exception.

It felt like a therapeutic studio session while making this drawing. I sat down and told myself not to have any expectations. I told myself to just doodle, let the pen flow, let whatever wants to come out just to come out as it wants to. Sometimes as artists we expect a finished product, we expect to create something beautiful or moving. With such expectations comes great pressure. This time.I just wanted to “feel” everything as it came through. Dropping expectation definitely helped let things flow without resistance and I believe it shows through this drawing. It got me thinking and I realised that I aim to drop resistance in my life in general. And with dropping resistance, we are more open, more receptive. And being open with ourselves means at some point we come to realise we even have darkness; everyone has darkness within them and that’s okay. It looks different in every individual. A lot of our resistance is to snuff or hide the dark parts of ourselves, parts that we are ashamed of or even feel guilty for. I’ve learned that darkness isn’t synonymous to “bad”. I’ve learned that we can work with out darkness and let it guide us in certain situations where the light can’t reach.

Since having the realisations about my own darkness I’ve been much easier on myself. I realise that I have things to work through and sometimes I need to sit with my darkness to really understand myself as a whole.

Talk to you later. Xoxo

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