Oops, there I go again neglecting my blog. The last two weeks of my life have come with a lot of adjusting. I’ve been learning to accept change, and I’ve been learning how to feel comfortable in a new routine.

In the midst of all this boring regular life stuff, I was asked to showcase my art at a local creative market with MoveSpace. It was super last minute, but I thought why not? 

I had my little stall which I casually put together. Honestly, I didn’t want to have too much expectation. I’ve done one other stall in the past, and it made me feel a little self conscious. Why? Well because I only sold one piece and that really shot my confidence.

Since then I’ve thought a lot about why I do art, why I showcase it, and what I expect in terms of where my art is going. I realise that I do art because it’s sort of like therapy for me. It definitely helps me process emotions and let go of what I’m holding onto. I like showcasing my work because I enjoy other people seeing it, I enjoy their reactions and I enjoy when they tell me how it makes them feel and what they think about it.

And in terms of where my art is going in the future. Well, that’s always a hard one for me. I enjoy that art is a form of creative expression for me, however, I would love to one day be able to monetise it. I’d love to feel like I can really use the term artist. Before I get to that point though, I need to work on my self confidence and my skill.

I’ve still got a lot to learn. But in the mean time, I’m happy doing what I’m doing.

Looking super tired at the end of the day, but here she is!

I’d also like to make a little update on the Be Inspired Journal situation. I do love doing the journal entries, however, I’m not sure that I’ll post every single one I do. I think I’ll keep updating my blog with the journal prompts but I’ll pick and choose which I want to share. Not everything needs to be shared right?!

See y’all later! Thanks for popping by. xoxo

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