I’ve been hard on myself when it comes to wasting time. After work I feel depleted but still restless. Instead of using up all the free time I have after work in bed, on my phone, or watching mindless Youtube videos, I thought I would use the time to reconnect with my pastimes. I used to love drawing, it’s all I did. I used to stay up till 5am some nights just sitting on the floor painting. I’ve been missing the therapeutic moments I had while creating, and I’ve been trying to find those moments again.

I was asked why I always draw faces but never bodies? Could I draw one from my mind like I could with faces? I didn’t even know if I could draw a body without a reference or not. So I thought I would give it a go. I tried not to put so much pressure on myself about being anatomically or proportionality correct, instead I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of pencil gliding on paper and to pick at my brain to find out what I could retrieve from it.

The sun started to set so my eyes were starting to feel strained, so I stopped where I did. I actually like how it turned out! I’m surprised. Anyway, there she is.

I went to take a picture of the sunset. Only noticed that little plane in the middle of the photo after I took it! Wild.

Thanks for reading. See you! xoxo

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